Retreat Catering Menu


• Chai Pudding with fresh fruit & super food toppings (nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, etc., )
• Acai or Green Hemp smoothie bowls with fresh fruit and superfood toppings
• Gf Breakfast Burritos with scrambled eggs or tofu, potatoes, spinach with cilantro sauce  
• Gf Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes with pecans and maple syrup (can add eggs or scrambled tofu)
•Vegan or egg fritata with spinach and mushroom or seasonal vegetables and grain-free hashbrown crust
• Gf Oat Meal with gojis, cinnamon and fresh cashew or hemp milk and super food toppings
• Gf Toast/Bagel bar with avocado, hummus, tomato, sprouts, cashew cream cheese, fresh herbs
• Muffins - vegan & gluten free no cane sugar - blue berry hemp, banana nut, zucchini cornbread muffin
• Taco Bar with scrambled eggs or tofu, hand pressed corn or cassava tortillas, salsa, guacamole and potatoes


• Collard Wraps with sprouted sunflower pate and quinoa beet salad with fresh herbs and tahini sauce
• Sushi Nori Wraps with shittake miso soup (soy-free) and cucumber salad with ginger dressing
• Gf Cassava Wrap with hummus, roasted veggies and soup or salad
• Veggie Pesto Sandwich with artichoke hearts and soup or salad served on freshly handmade gf bread 
 Ultimate Veggie Burger with tomato, avocado, vegan garlic mayo, pickle, kraut, sprouts, lettuce on hand made gf sesame hemp seed bun served with slaw & chips 
• Falafel with tahini sauce in a GF yucca root wrap with GF quinoa tabbouleh or garden salad and dressing
• Macro Bowl - steamed root veggies, black eyed peas or adzuki beans, sauteed greens, quinoa, kraut and tahini sauce
• Soup and salad bar lunch- choice of soup with local greens salad, toppings and dressing

dozens of sushi wraps


• Ultimate Vegan lasagna (gf) with almond riccota, pesto, seasonal veggies and marinara topped with hemp parm + salad and gf garlic bread
• Quinoa stuffed acorn or delicatta squash, green beans with lemon dill sauce and salad
• Indian dinner with dal, jasmine rice and salad with tahini dressing can add ginger, turmeric roasted vegetables and/or vegan saag paneer
• GF corkscrew pasta (or spaghetti squash) with homemade marinara and lentil “neat balls” with salad (can also be served with turkey or bison meatballs)
• Thai vegetable curry with forbidden black rice and spring rolls with dipping sauce* can be made with tofu or shrimp
• GF vegan pizzas (gluten-free buckwheat/cassava flax crust) with seasonal veggies, cashew, almond or goat cheese and salad*
• Black bean or jackfruit enchiladas with Spanish rice and salad with cilantro dressing
• Vegan shepherd's pie with mushroom gravy lentils, veggies topped with creamy (dairy free) mashed potatoes and spinach cranberry walnut salad
• Jackfruit tamales or tacos with black beans and salad with cilantro lemon dressing
• Nut stuffed portabello mushroom with creamy Yukon potato and parsnip puree with asparagus or green beans
• Wild rice stuffed eggplant topped with fresh herbs and pine nuts can be served with lentil salad or roasted veggies
• Veggie pot pie with gf buckwheat crust filled with potatoes, carrots, peas, zucchini and dairy-free mushroom cream sauce and side salad
• GF empanadas filled with spinach olive and fennel or mushroom sage 2 per person served with side salad and/or soup
• Roasted eggplant roll ups filled with spinach and almond ricotta over pesto spaghetti squash topped with marinara and hemp parmesan side salad with balsamic dressing

*can also be served for lunch


• Fish (Salmon, grouper, sea bass) with pesto and roasted red pepper sauce wilted arugula served over mashed potatoes or cauliflower parsnip puree with roasted fennel
•  with sweet potato puree, roasted herbed cauliflower and sauteed chard or kale
• Parsnip cauliflower pilaf with fresh herbs and peas - this side dish can be served with choice of protein and another side dish, soup or salad
 Roasted vegetables (turnip, purple potato, carrots) sauteed green beans or asparagus and yellow squash served with yogurt dill sauce

Can also add soup or salad


• Tahini
• G
• Lemon poppyseed
• Cilantro lemon
• C
reamy herb dressing (vegan ranch) 
• Seasonal vinaigrette (pomegranate, Ojai pixie, Meyer lemon)
• Balsamic vinaigrette

SOUPS (all vegan)

• Veggie miso with bok choy and shiitake mushrooms
• Butternut squash
• Garden vegetable (tomato base)

• Coconut curry red lentil
• R
oasted parsnip and cauliflower soup
• Vegan clam chowder (made with oyster mushrooms)
• Potato leek
• Cream of broccoli, mushroom or asparagus
Thom ka gha (Thai coconut milk soup with lemon grass) can be made with tofu or shrimp
• French lentil stew

DESSERTS (all vegan and gf)

• Carrot cake with cashew coconut frosting (can also be cupcakes)
• Chocolate cake with avocado frosting (can also be cupcakes with super food sprinkles) 
• Raw chocolate mousse with pecan date crust (made with avocado and coconut cream)
• Vanilla spice cake with lemon cashew frosting (can also be cupcakes)
• Raw kiwi lime pie
• R
aw matcha green tea pie
• Raw strawberry cheese cake
• Vegan flan



• Raw lasagna with walnut meat, macadamia nut ricotta and sundried tomato sauce*
• Raw zucchini pasta with cilantro pesto and sprouted lentil meatballs*
• Raw Alfredo pasta with yellow fresh tomato, olives and herbs*
• Collard leaf wraps with sprouted sunflower pate *
• Raw cabbage leaf tacos with raw dehydrated corn chips and fresh salsa
• Raw nachos with guacamole, fresh salsa and turmeric cashew cheese sauce
• Raw veggie sushi with parsnip rice, avocado, sprouts, kimchi and marinated shittake mushrooms*
• Raw pizza with sprouted buckwheat herb crust marinated veggies and cashew cheese*
• Sprouted mung bean burger on butter lettuce leaves and jicima fries and dipping sauce* Raw tamales with red sauce*

*Comes with side salad & paired dressing


• Raw cheese plate with veggies and dehydrated crackers
• Raw sunflower seed pate cucumber rounds, fresh herbs and grape tomatoes
• Raw hummus plate with dipping veggies and dehydrated crackers
• Fruit kabobs with avocado chocolate dip or coconut maca cream dip
• Rice paper spring rolls with Thai dipping sauce
• Mini collard wraps with sunflower pate and tahini sauce


(spring & summer only)

• Garden gazpacho 
• Heirloom tomato
• Fresh melon
• Avocado cucumber

Green Goddess Super Antioxidant Juice
Veggie Vampire Immune boosting Juice
Green smoothie with hemp protein
Super chocolate maca protein smoothie
Energy boost berry smoothie
Turmeric golden milk
Fresh hemp and/or Almond milk
Superfood Elixer 


• Raw goji cheese cake 
• Raw berry cheese cake 
• Raw kiwi lime pie 
• Raw chocolate mousse 
• Raw coconut cream pie


• Raw coconut chia pudding with fresh fruit and super food toppings
• Acai bowl with fresh fruit and superfood toppings
• Raw protein bars with dates nuts and seeds 
• Raw coconut yogurt with super food crumble 
• Raw bagels with cashew herb cream cheese