Compassionate Eating Chef Bianca Rose offers a number of healthy eating services including:

Cooking Classes 
Retreat & Event Catering
Personal Chef Services 
Individual Coaching/ Custom Diet Plans 

Cooking Classes: Enjoy a hands on class from our schedule or book your own class with a theme of your choice for your group of family and friends. Choose from a variety of themes and cuisines from comfort food, tapas, cheese making, sushi, soup making, baking, raw food, plant based basics and more.

Retreat & Event Catering: Need several meals prepared with care for your retreat participants over a number of days? Bianca has nearly a decade of experience providing nourishing support for healing retreats. She has a deep appreciation and respect for those in process and understands the importance of holding the healing container for emotional healing and wellbeing. Her food elevates the retreat experience and brings joy and pleasure to her clients.

Personal Chef Services: are available to a limited number of clients on a weekly basis who need individual support with meal preparation. Bianca has experience and knowledge cooking healing foods for those wanting to eat healthier or target specific health issues such as cancer prevention and healing, diabetes and other inflammatory illness.

Individual Coaching and Custom Diet plans can be prepared by Bianca for individuals using a unique blend of clean organic foods, Ayurvedic food medicine, blood type and clients individual needs and sensitivities.